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There are many new mediums that I have been working with: In the last few years, I have been interested in Aspergers with adults. I have had good success in working with people to handle their lives better and cope.

I am also working with a newer population in my area. Many Asians have moved into our local population, especialy from China. These backgrounds, are very different, and I have had sucess in dealing with those issues with families, to better understand America, and how they can still maintain their heritages and also intergate into American society, without loosing their own identity. The same is true for people from India. I have specifically worked with professional families in each of these fields, as well as other professions. It has been an honor to do so.

I have add an interesting time with children who are suffering from anxiety disorders, and fears relating to our children who are having trouble with high parental expectations, regarding school, sports, and post traumatic stress.

Due to current events of violence that are happening in our country, I work with post traumatic stress disorder.

I will be available for telecounseling services online starting on April 15th.

My book Molly and Monet is now available online at amazon .
I'm currently completing the true story behind Molly and Monet.

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