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Molly and Monet , a book written by Dr. Diane R. Isaacs, and artwork by Jim M. Meredith (Jim M. Meredith is my new husband, an artist, who went through my journey with me.)

The joy of creating Molly and Monet has been like an expedition into the unknown. Two lovable dogs, now a book, has led me to talk about grief and recovery all over the United States and Europe. The media of radio, television and now the internet have been further ways to get Molly and Monet to become a reality, and has led me to people and personal appearances, to all people who are in need of knowledge about grief and recovery.

I have spoken about the losses people have sustained in Kosovo and tragic shootings in Columbine, Colorado, and other major catastrophic events which cause us grief and loss. I too have learned that grief is not just personal. Grief, loss, and recovery extend to the people who are involved in events that happen in the world we live in. These become community and international and national grieving events. 9/ll, and the last two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the financial turn crisis, and loss of money, jobs, and homes, have created different major national kinds of loss. As a result of being the author of this book, I was asked to participate a few years back with a group in Austin Texas in conjunction with Australia with less than l00 people in an International Assembly on Managing the Psychology of Fear and Terror. Former Presidents, at that time in 1994 were the patrons of this event. All participants in this International Assembly were authors and speakers.

The larger question is how do we cope with these losses in a turbulent world?

Two lovable dogs, who are the voices for Molly and Monet are real and vital. They demonstrate the changes that take place in our lives on a daily and yearly basis. We must concentrate on ultimately changing our sadness and grief into positive ways of recreating our lives. We cannot see why things happen at the time they do, but we have the power within us ultimately to pick up the pieces and move on with our lives. Basically none of us like change, but change can be very positive. Change can be enlightening, powerful and exciting. It can lead us to greater heights than we ever dreamed possible.

I am thrilled to say that a major foreign country has just picked up Molly and Monet for translation, which will allow it to be read worldwide.
Additionally, I have become the publisher of Molly and Monet and have named my company Molly and Monet Publications. Please look for more works to follow.

NOTATION: Since the publication of my book, Molly and Monet have gone to a different place. Molly and Monet Publications still is in business, with new dogs, (my voice) to carry on the job. The new dogs are Megan and Mandy.....Two black standard poodles are the official voices for my book and my work on grief. To write Molly and Monet, and look at grief and recovery, one would have to read about my own personal journey which led me to write this wonderful and charming book. If interested you can go to or [email protected] or contact me thru one of the therapy web sites.

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