Grief Counseling

I am a trained grief counselor in addition to my degrees and experience. I am a victim of a violent crime, and the author of Molly and Monet, which is written allegorically with two dogs, in my voice, speaking about my experience.

Grief from loss of a loved one, or a way of life, be it money, downsizing, job change, marital change, or relationship change is very shocking at best. The result of these experiences, including loved ones returning from military service, or whatever the experience or trauma, is very troubling to the individual. People display a troubling amount of emotional issues, including loss of joy, depression, and losing ones sense of direction.

It is my belief system that "One needs to travel from one side of a bridge to the other side." Metaphorically, this means, taking baby steps, and moving from sadness to joy of living. Sometimes this is very hard, as there is PTSD involved with some indivduals. Tall Thearpy and other therapy are good ways to travel thru the "crossing of the bridge." DI

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